How to Open a Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew

Whether you’ve forgotten to bring your corkscrew or are simply looking for an easy way to pop the bottle open, there are some simple hacks out there that can get the job done.

Heat works best here, so if you have a lighter or blowtorch available, just light it and place it near the bottle’s neck to heat it up. Once it’s hot, the air around the cork will expand and push it out.


If you don’t have a corkscrew to open a bottle of wine, there are still some ways to get the job done. One of the most popular and effective methods is to use a shoe.

This method works best if you have a sturdy wall near by, like a brick or cement wall, or a tree. Using a shoe is a bit risky, as the bottle may break when you strike it against a wall.

Once you’ve gotten the cork to a point where it will ease out by hand, whack the bottom of your shoe against a strong wall repeatedly. The more times you do this, the more likely the cork will come out.

A pair of scissors can also work to remove a cork, but proceed with caution. It’s also important to keep the wine away from anything that might be damaged if you expel the cork.

Another way to get the wine out of a bottle is by pumping air into the bottle. A bike pump is a handy tool to have around when opening bottles, and it can be used to force air into the cork as you push.

This is a great option if you have no other tools available, or you are in a pinch for time. All you need is a bike pump and a wine bottle to do this.

You can also do this using a key or a sharp knife. You can also try using a lighter or mini blowtorch to heat the neck of the wine bottle, just below the cork.

The physics behind this method are complex, but the result is simple: As air is forced into the wine, it expands and causes the cork to rise and pop out of the bottle. If you have a light source nearby, this is an easy and fun way to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew.


If you’re in a pinch and need to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew, there are a few handy tricks that will work. Whether you’re camping or just need to open some bottles before your next party, these methods will be helpful.

One of the easiest methods to use is to insert a key, wire hanger, serrated knife or even a pair of scissors into the cork. Once you’ve inserted it, try twisting it and pushing it around until the cork starts to come out.

This method is great for a quick pop, but can be dangerous if you’re not careful. If you don’t stick the key in right, you might end up slicing yourself with the sharp edges of the tool or damaging the cork. If you’re not careful, you might also break the bottle in the process.

Another technique is to push the cork in with a wooden spoon. However, this can be difficult if you’re using a wine bottle that’s old or if there’s a lot of pressure.

A more complex solution, which requires a bit more patience and planning, is to use a blowtorch or lighter to heat the air gap underneath the cork. Spoto says this method isn’t as easy or safe, but it does work if you have a blowtorch nearby and are willing to take the risk.

The key here is to be patient and apply the flame evenly, so the air can expand and eventually pop the cork. Once the bottle’s neck is heated, it should start to loosen up, and you should be able to pull the cork out easily. It might take a few turns, but this is an effective way to get the job done.


If you’re not a sommelier or wine expert, opening a bottle of wine without a corkscrew may seem like a daunting task. But luckily, there are many ingenious ways to get the job done.

The first and most common method is to simply insert a screw into the cork. Make sure the screw is long enough so you can twist it in place. Next, use a hammer to gently but firmly push the screw out of the cork.

This method will require a lot of practice and patience, but it’s a great way to open a bottle of wine with little effort. The only downside is that a bit of the wine might spill into the floor.

Another simple way to open a wine bottle is by using a pair of scissors. You’ll need a pair of small craft or child-friendly scissors (not safety scissors). Once you have a few inches of the cork, stick the blades of the scissors in sideways and use them to pry the cork out.

If that doesn’t work, try a knife. Wedge the knife between the bottle and the cork to pry the cork out.

You can also try a wire hanger. Just find a cheap wire coat hanger and bend the hook part of the hanger out straight. Once you’ve done that, simply twist the hanger into the shape of a corkscrew.

If you’re really desperate to open a bottle of wine, you can also try to push the cork out with a key. However, this will only work if you have the right key. If the key breaks, you might end up with a shattered piece of cork in your wine.


Winemakers and sommeliers may be the first to recommend a corkscrew, but if you find yourself in a pinch without one, there are plenty of ways to get that bottle open. The problem is, some of these techniques can be dangerous and/or risk spilling wine everywhere.

The best thing to do is grab a pair of scissors and give it a try! Place one blade of the scissors directly into the cork and twist it while you pull up on the other blade. Then you’ll have an easier time getting the cork out.

You should use a pair of curved nail scissors or pliers for this technique. This will ensure that you don’t cut yourself while prying the cork out, as it can easily break if you aren’t careful.

Another good option for a scissor is to use one of the blades to cut the sides of the cork, then insert the scissors into those cuts and remove the cork. This method is a little bit difficult, but it’s worth trying if you don’t have any other options.

If you’re really in a bind, a wood spoon with a long thin handle can be a great tool for this trick. Using this, you can shove the cork out of the bottle and free your wine, according to Food Mob Bites.

Alternatively, you can wrap the bottle in a towel and then smack it against a wall, tree or other flat surface. Each hit pushes the wine against the cork, and eventually it will pop out. This works if the wall or tree is sturdy, but you’ll need to be very careful with this technique if you’re in a pinch.

Wire Hanger

If you’re looking for a way to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew, the wire hanger is a viable option. These handy household items are used for all sorts of household tasks, like unclogging a drain or picking a lock.

If that’s not enough to pique your interest, you can also use them to make art, such as the wire hangers on display at Ricco/Maresca Gallery in Manhattan. They were pinned up by outsider artist Richard Diamant, who hoped to inspire the audience to explore their own creative uses for the discarded hangers.

A quick search online will yield hundreds of different methods for opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew. Some are incredibly dangerous, and others work as long as you keep in mind a few crucial tips.

The first tip to remember is that the wine will shoot out of the bottle as you push the cork in, so be prepared with a towel. If you don’t have a towel, you can wrap the bottle in paper or another soft material.

Next, tie a knot in a piece of string. Lower the knotted string into the neck of the bottle, then tilt the bottle so the knot drops behind the cork.

Once the cork is positioned, turn the string so it wedges against the bottle’s bottom. The knot will pull up on the cork and force it out!

This technique can be tricky to get right, but it’s worth trying. You may need to do this several times before you get the hang of it.

Alternatively, you can try using a shoe to pop the cork out of the bottle. Just be sure to avoid hitting the top of the bottle. This method can be risky, but it’s a good one to consider if you have no other options.