Things to Do in Clare Valley

things to do clare valley

Clare Valley may not attract as much media coverage, but it remains an international destination for wine and food tourism. Visitors can experience long winery lunches, sample some of Australia’s finest riesling varieties and tour historic buildings here.

Fitness seekers looking for some exercise can rent bikes and cycle the Riesling Trail – its 35km path also suitable for hiking.

Wine tasting

Clare Valley is one of Australia’s premier wine regions, located just two hours’ drive north from Adelaide and boasting some of Australia’s premier vineyards and award-winning wineries. Additionally, its charming towns and cellar doors have a rich sense of history and substance that make for an enjoyable visit.

At boutique wineries throughout the area, you can learn about viticulture while tasting an assortment of wines. Many feature unique labels that tell a tale about their winemakers; Claymore Wines stands out by providing quality wine with amusing names like Joshua Tree Riesling and Dark Side of the Moon Shiraz as examples of such boutique wineries.

Vineyards in this region are well known for producing an array of wines, such as Riesling and sparkling. Residents in the area take great pride in their wines, hosting events to mark grape harvest.

Clare Valley boasts many amazing dining opportunities. If you’re hungry, Skillogalee Winery provides a relaxing lunch atmosphere set among early settler cottages – its sweeping vineyard views offer great scenery during summer while winter nights offer cozy warmth!

Clare Valley offers numerous outdoor attractions for visitors. Spring Gully Conservation Park features stunning sandstone outcrops, natural waterholes and steep ridges filled with native wildlife such as short-beaked echidnas, southern hairy-nosed wombats and western grey kangaroos that you may spot while strolling the “Landscapes of Change” trail. If you prefer something more adventurous try hiking to Mount Lofty which provides stunning panoramic views!


Clare Valley may receive less publicity when it comes to South Australia’s wine regions, but this thriving world-class destination deserves equal consideration. Clare Valley offers visitors great food and wine experiences as well as beautiful scenery and rich heritage; whether staying for just the weekend or longer periods each trip brings new delights and experiences.

Wear your hiking boots and explore the peaceful conservation parks and walking trails that wind their way through this stunning rural region. The Riesling Trail follows an old railway track between Auburn and Clare Valley, providing views of vineyards, mixed farms, natural bushland and scenic countryside. Boasting quality compacted surface with an easy gradient for recreational walkers, mountain bikes and wheelchair users alike – make this trip memorable today!

Spring Gully Conservation Park boasts a diverse terrain made up of sandstone outcrops, natural waterholes and steep ridges teeming with wildlife such as kangaroos and echidnas. The ‘Landscapes of Change’ interpretive trail offers you an insight into one of Victoria’s richest megafauna sites; here you will see giant diprotodons remains and their habitat.

Saltwater lakes in Lochiel change throughout the year from bright pink to white and blue depending on salinity levels, while you can get close to nature at Lake Bumbunga with its birdwatcher-friendly waters bursting with vibrant colours and shapes. And for an insight into local history visit Watervale Hotel in Bungaree for an independent tour of its homestead gardens and station complex, where staff used vintage tools over time!


No matter your interests or family dynamic, cycling in Clare Valley is an excellent activity to enjoy with both. Wineries-based tours that follow the Riesling Trail while providing delicious meals make this activity particularly appealing; alternatively you can hire a bike and explore local wineries on your own or opt for an e-bike tour which may be more manageable.

Not only is Clare Valley famous for wine production; its natural landscapes also boast an abundance of beauty. One such place is Gleeson Wetlands near town center; here, visitors can relax while watching wildlife. Featuring three ponds connected by walkways with native flora and fauna as their focus, the Gleeson Wetlands provide a tranquil place for watching nature unfold before their eyes. For something different altogether, stop by Clare Valley Art Gallery which showcases contemporary as well as conventional works from local artists as well.

Bring your camera and explore Lake Bumbunga near Lochiel; its changing hues range from striking pinks, white and blues depending on the salinity of its water. Don’t miss Bungaree Station Complex either; audio posts, signs and exhibits help visitors create their own self-guided tour through homestead gardens and station store.

The Riesling Trail is ideal for both hiking and cycling enthusiasts alike, offering stunning natural landscapes such as Neagles Rock Lookout off Blyth Road, Quarry Hill Lookout off Quarry Road and Spring Gully Conservation Park – to name but a few! To maximize your hiking experience on this journey, make sure you bring plenty of food and beverages.

Art trail

Clare Valley may not get as much publicity in South Australia’s wine world, but its growing fame can’t be ignored either. Within easy driving distance of Adelaide, this world-class destination features vineyards and wineries galore; you could spend your entire weekend tasting wine, enjoying long winery lunches, or engaging in other activities here!

Starting off your visit should include visiting Clare Valley’s historic district with charming boutique hotels and restaurants, the local museum or taking one of their tours to discover more of its rich history. Or if art is your passion, check out Clare Valley Art Trail which showcases several galleries with both traditional and contemporary pieces on display.

There are also plenty of free activities that don’t require much more than taking a few steps outdoors, like visiting Gleeson Wetlands to take in some wildlife and scenery from this region. It features three wetlands and is home to various bird species – make sure you bring binoculars!

On your visit to Bukirk, consider renting one of two new rustic modest dwellings available there, both featuring king or queen beds, heaters and outdoor lounging spaces – ideal for relaxing getaways!

Clare Valley also offers an art trail, with multiple galleries and studios that specialize in contemporary and traditional artwork, offering tastings or tours so that you can find one to meet your particular preferences – like Studio Meadows which specializes in both figurative and conventional pieces from local artists.


Clare Valley offers many incredible experiences, one of which includes sampling delicious regional cuisine. As an epicenter for culinary culture, this area provides ample dining opportunities that come complete with breathtaking scenery.

Skillogalee Winery Restaurant on Trevarrick Road in Sevenhill offers an award-winning wine tasting experience and exquisite dining at its rustic French exterior and high ceilings. Their menu offers classic pub fare alongside finer offerings, such as sesame-crusted Atlantic Salmon.

This restaurant stands firmly behind using local products and supporting small scale producers and farmers, so its menu changes depending on what’s available in each region – it serves French cuisine with a local flavor!

Sevenhill Cellars in Clare Valley is a must-see destination for wine enthusiasts, being the area’s original vineyard and cellar door. After tasting plenty of wines at their historic cellar door, take the tour of their impressive sandstone underground cellars – they won’t disappoint.

After an intense day of wine tasting, Clare Valley offers numerous hotels and cafes where visitors can unwind after their experience. Choose to dine at one of their modern delis, bistros or rooftop restaurants that specialize in locally sourced cuisine while you savor its flavors.

If you are looking for overnight accommodations, consider staying in one of the area’s bed and breakfasts or farmstays. There are also charming cottages and houses which cater to families with young children. Or consider staying at a farmhouse featuring king-size beds with wood burning fireplace or in rustic modest dwelling with terraces where you can watch the sun set on Lake Geneva.