Clare Valley Silo Art Trail

The first Silo was painted in Australia, all the way out in the west, over 7 years ago. Since then, there have been 51 painted silos around the nation, including three in the Clare Valley.

For two reasons, the Storytime Silos is an apt moniker. Colin Thiele, a well-known Australian novelist, was born in Eudunda. Thiele died on the same day as Steve Irwin in 2006, writing over 100 novels. Two young children, a white girl and an Aboriginal boy are seen in the silos, exchanging tales about their pasts and cultures. The 30-meter tall silos were created with Quentin Aegis, a local Elder, and Ngadjuri representative.

In July 2021, the 51st Silo will be painted.

Sam Brooks (artist) (Vans the Omega)

Parking is provided off-street on Railway Parade, only a short walk from the Silos.

Flat Farrell

The Flat of Farrell Silos is a throwback to a bygone era. Circuses could now stop in many of the towns along the route, thanks to the coming of railroads. A juvenile elephant died and was buried in the region during a stop in at Farrell Flat, and a little elephant has been concealed in the wheat as a reflection of this incident inside the town. Are you able to locate it?

The 42nd Silo will be painted in November 2020.

Jarrod Soden and Matthew Knights are two artists.

Parking: There is off-road parking just in front of the silos.


The Owen Silos tell the narrative of how wheat sacks became sandbags. These 6 silos, proudly displayed in the heart of town, pay respect to rural South Australia during the onset of World War I, when our regional farmers were summoned to serve on the front lines. Stop into the Owen Hotel for a drink or a meal while in town.

April 2021, 48th painting to be completed

Robert Hannaford (artist) Cam Scale (Painter)

Community spirit is at the forefront of the Snowtown (Water Tower), which proudly depicts local volunteers from the SA Country Fire Service and SA Ambulance and the star of their local football team, the Blyth/Snowtown Cats. There is a caravan park at the end of the road if you intend on spending the night. Before you depart, be sure to check out the Big Blade.

April 2018 was the completion date.

Sam Brooks (artist) (Vans the Omega)

Parking is freely accessible on the roadside adjacent to the tower.

Considering going north?


If the Clare Valley is not your ultimate goal and your journey takes you further north, we suggest going through the heart of the Southern Flinders Ranges and passing via Wirrabara. It’s around an hour and a half north of Clare and makes for a great lunch break. Julies Kitchen provides a delicious pie if you haven’t brought your own or grabbed something from Clare in the morning.

This Silo was the 24th to be constructed on the ASAT when it was finished in October 2018.

Smug Artist/s

Parking: Many buses, trailers, and automobile parking places are available in the authorized car park (located on Forest Rd).

Murals and street art

A stroll around one of our communities will undoubtedly inspire you to become creative or reignite your love of the arts in all forms.

Along the main street in front of Mitre 10, along Ness Street, Burton Street, Gleeson Street, and Lennon Street, and enjoying the mosaics on your approach to the Clare Valley Wine, Food, and Tourism Centre, there are various street art and mural spots.

Around Auburn township, there’s a mosaic trail, a fun picture opportunity at the Eudunda Bakery, and artwork on the sides of the Port Wakefield Rising Sun Hotel and the Terowie Roadhouse.