What is a Tempranillo Wine?

what is a tempranillo wine

Tempranillo is one of the world’s oldest wine grape varieties. It’s also a one of the nine red noble grapes, meaning it’s an important part of the winemaking process in Spain and Portugal.

This black grape is often used as the main component in wines from Rioja and Ribera del Duero, but it’s also grown throughout many other regions of Spain as well.


Tempranillo is the name of a grape variety that is widely grown to produce red wines. It is the main grape used in Spanish wine production and is also found throughout other wine-producing countries around the world. It can be found in Australia, Mexico, Southern France, Argentina and the US, but it is most commonly grown in Spain.

Almost every red wine produced in the northern Spain region of Rioja is made from Tempranillo. It is often blended with other varieties such as Garnacha, Mazuelo and Graciano to create a more complex style of red wine. It can be aged in oak barrels to impart a richer flavor to the wine.

Its name, ‘tempranillo’ (early one), comes from its habit of ripening earlier than its stablemate, Garnacha, which is its traditional blending partner in Spain. It is a high-cropper and can be trained up trellis to increase yields, although it has traditionally been grown en vaso as low-bush vines.

The Tempranillo grape produces wines with strong fruit flavors that are rich in cherry, raspberry, and strawberry. These flavors are complemented by notes of tobacco, leather and cedar. It is a versatile wine that pairs well with a wide range of foods, including pizzas, barbecued meats, roasted vegetables and Mexican dishes.

Tempranillo can be aged in oak barrels to enhance its flavors and improve its texture. The aging process is called ‘terroir’. There are different levels of ageing for Tempranillo wine: Joven, Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva. The younger Tempranillo wines have flavours of cherry and raspberry, while the more complex and aged wines have earthy and savory flavors like chocolate and tobacco.

In Portugal, Tempranillo is often blended with other grapes such as Port and Mazuelo to make fortified wines. These wines are typically very smooth, fruity and have a long finish.

Australian producers have been planting Tempranillo for about 20 years, and it’s only now that the grape is becoming more popular with Australian wine lovers. With its attractive color, rustic fruit profile and food-friendly nature, it’s an appealing alternative to the usual varietals grown here.


Tempranillo grapes are used to make red wines that have a rich flavor and savory aspects. Its flavors vary depending on winemaking techniques but it is generally known for having cherry and plum flavors along with other earthy flavors. It also has a medium level of acidity and tannins.

It is a popular choice in wine blends, and it can be found in Spain, Portugal, Australia, and the US among other regions. It is a versatile wine that can be enjoyed by wine lovers of all ages and tastes.

A young Tempranillo has fruity, fresh tastes with a hint of dust and tobacco and leather. As it ages, the fruitiness changes to more savory flavors. The oak aging process adds rich, woody flavors to the wine.

When purchasing a bottle of Tempranillo wine, be sure to read the label carefully and look for these four terms: Vin Joven, Rosado, Crianza, and Reserva. These terms indicate whether the wine was aged in oak and how long it stayed in oak barrels.

If you are looking for a Tempranillo that is sweet, choose a wine that is labeled as ‘Joven’ or ‘Rosado’. These types of wines are sold young so they have less complex flavors than their older counterparts.

However, if you’re in the market for a more full-bodied wine, try a ‘Crianza’ or ‘Reserva’. These types of wines are aged for 2 to 3 years in oak. They are also very affordable and are a great way to get a taste of the ageing process.

Tempranillo is an affordable, versatile red wine that is available in many different styles and prices. It has a delicious, fruity flavor and pairs well with most foods.

It is easy to find and can be purchased at most bottle shops, restaurants, and at grocery stores. It is a perfect take-home wine to drink with tomato sauce-based pasta, pizza, or grilled meat.

The Tempranillo wines of the Rioja region are the best known, but there are other varieties of this grape that are becoming more popular in Europe and beyond. For instance, the Toro area of Chile produces a deliciously fruity and fun wine that is becoming more sophisticated by the day.


Tempranillo is known for its ability to pair well with a wide variety of foods. While it’s a popular grape for Spanish wine, it also grows in Portugal and Australia.

This is a red-wine grape that makes a wine with a fruity and juicy flavor profile. It has low acidity and a moderate level of tannins, which means it is a good food pairing.

When it comes to pairing with food, Tempranillo works well with meats of all varieties. Its moderate tannic structure combines with leaner cuts of beef, while heavier tannins work with fattier pieces.

Another popular pairing is with cheeses, which also pair nicely with Tempranillo. Mahon is an excellent example of a cheese that pairs perfectly with this wine.

Tempranillo is a great choice for pizza and spicy pasta dishes like Arrabbiata. The wine has a mild acidity that complements tomato sauce and the spices in these dishes.

The moderate tannic structure of Tempranillo also pairs nicely with aged cheeses. Blue cheeses with a medium-to-high salt content pair especially well with this wine.

Meat and roasted vegetables also benefit from the savory flavors in Tempranillo. The roasted or smoked flavors in these dishes add complexity and depth to the wine, while also highlighting its fruity flavor.

This grape is also a great choice for Mexican food, including burritos and chile Rellenos. This wine is also a great choice for recipes that are not too spicy, such as pork tacos and cheesy nachos.

If you’re looking for a good Tempranillo to pair with Mexican food, look for a wine that has been aged for at least three years and has at least one year of ageing in oak. This aging will give the wine some depth and a richer taste.

Tempranillo can be very versatile when it comes to food pairings, and it is easy to see why it is one of the most popular red wines in the world. The range of foods that it pairs with is endless, and the wine is perfect for any occasion.


Tempranillo is a popular red grape variety that is widely grown throughout Spain, especially in Rioja and Ribera del Duero. It is also a key grape in the areas of Navarra, Valdepenas and Toro, where it is often blended with other varieties such as Garnacha and Graciano to produce high-quality wine.

The wine is usually medium to full-bodied with a range of flavors and aromas, including cherry, plum and dark fruits, earthy notes, herbal flavors and oak aging. Tempranillo can be dry or fortified. It can also be made into a sparkling wine, which is known as rosé.

It is typically made into a red wine with moderate to high levels of tannins and acidity. This type of wine is similar to Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese, but it has a richer texture and more complex flavor.

Traditionally, it is aged in American oak, but it can be aged in French oak as well. The oak aging process adds layers of flavor to the wine, including vanilla and cocoa powder.

There are many different styles of Tempranillo wine, depending on the area and the winemaker’s techniques. The most famous style is from Rioja, which typically uses a combination of Garnacha, Mazuelo and Graciano to make a quality-focused wine that is both fruity and structured.

This is usually a medium- to full-bodied wine that can be paired with a variety of foods without compromising its flavor. Try it with cured and smoked meats, such as Iberico ham.

The wines can be found in a range of price points, depending on their quality and ageing. Crianza is a wine that has been aged for at least one year, while Reserva and Gran Reserva are older vintages that have been aged for even longer in the barrel.

These wines are typically medium to full-bodied with a range if flavors and aromas, including cherry, plum, dark fruits, earthy notes, herbal flavors, oak aging, and oak-derived vanilla and cocoa powder flavors. This type of wine can be paired with a variety of dishes, such as chicken or steak.

Tempranillo is usually produced in Spain, but it can be found in other countries, such as Argentina, Mexico, the United States and Australia. The styles differ, with many wine regions mimicking the popular Rioja style with typical vanilla aromas.