4 Restaurants In Clare Valley You Simply Shouldn’t Pass By

Clare Valley Wine Country

Clare Valley is well-known among South Australians for its scenic beauty. The prime vineyards and gently rising hills of the wine area provide some of the most appealing vistas in the state. The Clare Valley is known for its Rieslings, but it also produces many Moorish reds, such as Shiraz and Cabernet.

Clare Valley cuisine and wine

Aside from world-class wines, the rural location nestled in a lush valley is also home to a growing variety of culinary products. Olive oils, free-range eggs, pasta, and bread made from locally grown grains are just a few of the items produced in the area.

The Clare Valley is naturally home to eateries that use the magnificent foods grown over its hills. Fresh local food is enjoyed by cellar doors, local markets, cafés, and restaurants across the Clare Valley.

Clare Valley’s top four eateries

Taste the fruits of this plentiful fresh food at a Clare Valley restaurant on your next visit to the lovely wine area. Satisfy your gastronomic desires with some traditional rural hospitality. Here are three unique Clare Valley eateries where you may unwind, relax, and enjoy the authentic Clare Valley experience.

1. Restaurant Slate

Slate Restaurant, tucked away at Pikes Wines, is a hidden treasure in the Clare Valley cuisine scene. Gourmet Traveller Wine Magazine has named the Restaurant Clare Valley’s ‘Cellar Door with the Best Food.’ What more is there to say?

Slate is passionate about South Australian products. Because it uses the freshest, local ingredients, the winery restaurant flourishes in the heart of Clare Valley. Working with small-scale producers and local farms, a love for food and the region’s lush beauty is wonderfully shown. Slate Restaurant creates simple but tasty cuisine that changes with the seasons and what the valley has to offer. The menu’s concept is French but with a regional twist. Come in to experience authentic South Australian food.

Pikes Wines is named from the ancient bed of 500 million-year-old slate stone that it stands on. This firm foundation has contributed much to the magnificent wines that exist today. The Restaurant, appropriately named after this stone foundation, has become synonymous with Pikes Wines. If you’re looking for a leisurely lunch in the Clare Valley with local wines, this is the place to go.

2. Restaurant Skillogalee Winery

Skillogalee Vineyard Restaurant, another winery restaurant, is a popular and frequently crowded eating alternative. Choose to lunch in the shade of a tree while visiting the charming Clare Valley winery. Alternatively, have a seat on the balcony or inside the quaint winery building. Enjoy locally produced food that has been expertly prepared while looking out over the vineyards and cottage gardens. The Restaurant here is vibrant but peaceful, and it will present you with the perfect Clare Valley eating experience.

At Skillogalee, the emphasis is on fascinating foods from all around the globe, not just in Australia. The standard is beautifully prepared meals delivered skillfully by courteous employees. The cuisine emphasizes seasonality, and the products are at their peak of freshness. Wine pairings are indicated on menus, rounding out your dining experience flawlessly.

The Restaurant at Skillogalee Winery was designed to provide guests meals during wine tastings, which is romantic. Since 1990, the cafe has become an important part of the vineyard. This is undoubtedly one of the top restaurants in Clare Valley, with a reputation that spans Australia. Come in for a taste of South Australian culture and dine to your heart’s delight.

3. Auburn Terroir

Terroir Auburn, a tiny village restaurant with a French atmosphere, brings a touch of Paris to South Australia. The Restaurant is beautifully crafted inside the walls of an 1860s structure, with contemporary fixtures and lofty ceilings, creating a clean but characterful experience. Terroir Auburn is casual and easygoing while yet being refined. You might be in Europe once you go inside. The Restaurant, which opened in 2012, is owned and operated by a husband and woman passionate about cooking.

Terroir Auburn provides creative and modern presentation and simple but tasty food with a continuously changing menu influenced by local Clare Valley ingredients. The cuisine and the message here emphasize the importance of sustainability and ethically handled goods. Because they are not created in the Clare Valley area, only a few distinctive dairy products are purchased abroad.

Visit Terroir Auburn to sample old-school cooking techniques and a French style and modern, highly skilled procedures, intriguing flavors, and distinctively South Australian ingredients.

4. Conner’s Restaurant

Conner’s Restaurant has established itself as a premier dining institution at Clare Country Club. The Clare Valley restaurant has a refined ambiance with dark woods and rustic décor. Meanwhile, large windows with views of the hotel grounds pour light into the Restaurant. During the cooler months, an open log fire and tub chairs in the bar area provide the ideal setting for a glass of red. Conner’s serves delectable cuisine made using fresh, local ingredients. To gracefully cap off your visit here, choose from a fantastic range of local Clare Valley wines.

Local South Australian meats, flavorful and fresh seafood, and rich sweets are all available on the menu. Conner’s Restaurant at Clare Country Club is a great place to indulge and unwind. Enjoy your dinner while looking out over the hotel grounds and pool.

Which of these Clare Valley eateries entices you the most?

You could spend an entire weekend munching through the Clare Valley, with so many enticing cafes to pick from.

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