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Good Wine Under $20: Fish Eye Pinot Grigio

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Fish Eye Pinot Grigio: A Genuine White Wine Bargain

I first tasted the Fish Eye Pinot Grigio in 2009 at our annual conference with other wine bloggers (and wrote about that experience here). Many of us had been skeptical about the wine because of the charming label, its availability in large-format bottles and boxes, and the fact that it was Pinot Grigio. There’s a lot of bad, inexpensive Pinot Grigio out there (and I mean a lot). I’ve stopped ordering it in restaurants because I’ve had enough of it.

So it’s with great joy that I report that the 2011 Fish Eye Pinot Grigio is still good, still widely accessible across the country, and still offers outstanding QPR at a suggested retail price of $7 (though it can be found in the market for between $5 and $10). Expect citrusy, fresh lemon and lime aromas that reverberate throughout the tastebuds. As you drink, you may detect a pleasant peachy note, which helps to mitigate the harshness typical with Pinot Grigio.

If you see some on the shelf, give it a try. It’s a versatile, food-friendly wine that’s light enough to pair with vegetables and salads at a weekend lunch, will be a great companion to asparagus and lemon pasta as you work your way through your spring recipes, and will be welcome at summer barbeques.